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  • Loake lasts

    An explanation of Loake lasts:  Loake offer a huge variety of shoe and boot styles these days and the range of styles continues to expand at a rapid rate thanks to some of the best shoe designers in the industry. Perhaps the most important aspect of the design of any new style is the last around which the shoe or boot is made.   The last determines not only the fit of the shoe but also the shape and therefore the overall appearance.  The leathers and decoration are absolutely secondary to the last when it comes to a shoe’s success or failure.

    Understandably therefore Loake use a variety of different last shapes for the five shoe collections:  Loake 1880, Loake Shoemakers, Design Loake, Loake Lifestyle and entry level Loake L1.  For the Spring 2018 collection the number of Loake lasts is 37 and great care is taken in selecting the perfect last for the proposed shoe or boot.

    42 different last shapes are used in Loake's 2014 collection of shoe and boot styles.

    A separate Loake last is required for each half size of shoe and since Loake offer many styles from size 5 right through to 13 it is extraordinary just how many lasts are required when putting a couple of hundred or more shoes through production at any one time.  The lasts are tied up for some time since good shoes need to remain ‘lasted’ for a couple of weeks.  In the old days each last was individually carved by a skilled craftsman and last making itself was a huge stand along industry in Northamptonshire.  Fortunately these days there are sophisticated computers that guide lathes to very accurately create identical lasts are half size increments.

    Loakes, Trickers and Sanders use a variety of shoe lasts.

  • The new Loake Exclusive Range

    Loake shoemakers have introduced a stunning range of shoes and boots which are exclusively available from a select range of shops and are not available on line.  Loake have christened this collection the SS18 1880 Loake Exclusive Range.  As 1880 suggests these are Loake’s optimum grade of shoemaking and no expense has been spared in terms of materials and craftsmanship.Loake Exclusive Range

    We are very proud to be able to offer our customers all three styles from the Loake Exclusive Range.  All three styles are made on the new Loake River last which is possibly the finest last shape to have come out of the Loake factory:

    The Loake Garvan is a three eyelet chukka boot with a goodyear welted Dainite rubber sole and is available in three upper options: sand suede, dark brown burnished calf and black calf.

    The Loake Avon is a 5 eyelet apron derby with a nod towards the French styling with line of stitching running vertically down from the apron toe tip to the welt.  This leather soled shoe is available in 3 upper options:  dark brown burnished calf, brown suede and black calf.

    The Loake Leven goodyear welted leather soled penny loafer has the same toe stitching as the Avon and is available in dark brown burnished calf and black calf.

    Do visit the Bradshaw & Lloyd shop in Hurstpierpoint, the only shop stocking these Loake 1880 Exclusive Range outside London in the south east.

  • Loake Chatsworth boot

    Our best selling shoe/boot of the month is the mens’ Loake Chatsworth Chelsea boot.  Only in its first winter season this boot has proved extraordinarily popular both in the UK and worldwide.


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    These Loake Chatsworth boots, which are available in: black calf, brown waxy, brown suede and now also dark brown suede are a generous G (wide) fitting and have durable stud rubber soles, traditionally Goodyear welted to the leather upper.  The full leather lining and insole enable your feet to breathe properly and will also mould nicely with wear to the shape of your feet.  Whilst the Jockey last on which these boots are lasted provides just the perfect lines and toe shape.

    Have a look at these boots at  We include either a free pair of cedar wood shoe trees or our own shoe care kit in a leather bag with each online pair ordered. Throughout the UK we provide a speedy free delivery and returns service.

  • Best men's shoe shop in Sussex

    Our Hurstpierpoint men’s shoe shop continues to attract a growing number of discerning men looking for well made shoes and boots as word spreads throughout Sussex and the surrounding counties. The shoe shop specializes in Loake, Barker and Sebago as well as our own range of boots and we pride ourselves in having the widest range of goodyear welted men’s shoes in Sussex if not the entire south east of England.

    Claire Goldsmith150416-0123-v4 reduced

    Unlike some shoe shops we stock a full range of shoes and boots in all displayed styles in half sizes from 7 to 11 as well as a good selection in both smaller and larger sizes. And on top of the huge range that we have on display we are also pleased to supply all other styles produced by the factories.  So do visit our relaxed shoe shop and peruse the extensive range of styles.  We are certain to have something which will appeal.

    Bradshaw & Lloyd

    84 High Street


    West Sussex BN6 9PX

  • Central London shoe repair service

    It’s wise to get the soles and heels of your shoes repaired before they wear too thin.  Ideally a neat little tell-tale hole will appear in the centre of your soles which is the signal for a shoe repair and a visit to the cobbler – before you start getting wet socks.  However when very thin leather soles will allow some water to permeate through in very wet conditions.  If you do walk a little off centre then wear may be concentrated on the outside edges of your soles.

    Goodyear welted 2013

    All traditional Goodyear welted shoes, in which Tricker, Sanders, Barker and Loake specialize, have an inch wide leather welt which runs around the outside of their shoes and boots between the upper leather and the sole.  It is onto this strip of leather to which the sole is stitched.  If excessive wear occurs on the outside edges of the sole and wear starts to cut into the welt itself then the subsequent repair may prove rather more expensive.  This is because either the entire welt may require replacement or significant sections of it.  This normally requires hand stitching which many cobblers these days are reluctant or insufficiently trained to do.  So do keep an eye on how your soles and heels are wearing and if the soles are getting very thin then do get them repaired before damage to the welt occurs.

    Really good cobblers are hard to find these days.  However if you work in central London you can utilize our central London shoe repair collection service.  Our price of £58 includes either a half leather stitched rubber or leather sole and heel replacement along with courier collection from and return to your office.  We endeavour to return repaired shoes within 5 working days.  Do email for further information on our repair service.

  • Womens chelsea boots

    Chelsea boots have always been fashionable in a woman’s wardrobe and the huge success of the Loake Chatterley elastic sided Chelsea boot seems to go from strength to strength with no signs of tailing off.  The Chatterley stable comprises brown suede, black calf and brown waxy leather and all are made with a traditionally Goodyear welted stud rubber sole.  These Chelsea boots available in half sizes from UK size 3 to 8 and made on a regular F fitting this stylish boot will fit most feet, whilst the Rider last on which these boots provides a superb shape.

    The best selling Loake Chatterley Chelsea boot The best selling Loake Chatterley Chelsea boot

    The Loake Chatterley is faultless in so many ways but sometimes what is required is a slightly more refined last shape and more of a heel.  This is where the Barker Violet Chelsea boot steps in.  Made in 7 glorious leather and suede options, some with contrasting elastic, these boots are hugely popular.  They are made with a goodyear welted leather sole and leather raised heel block.  We stock the snuff suede, and cedar calf variants but all versions can normally be delivered to a UK destination within a couple of days.

    Barker Violet snuff suede

    Whether it be the Loake Chatterley or Barker Violet Chelsea boot instock orders will be despatched the same day if your order is received by 1pm.  For more information contact

  • Sebago shoes

    BasicNet Group has purchased the Sebago footwear brand from Wolverine.  Whilst the takeover takes place UK stores are unable to replenish stock so please bear with us during this transition period.  However we do have substantial stocks of the men’s and women’s Sebago styles listed on our website and if the size you are after is listed then it means that the item is in stock with us and available for immediate despatch.Sebago Lifestyle - Life well crafted_reduced

    Visit to view the most extensive range of stocked Sebago footwear styles in the UK.

  • The Playboy boot

    The legendary Playboy boot was favoured by one of the 20th Century’s absolute style icons and Hollywood leading man Steve McQueen.  His appeal reached both men and women and continues to this day via his back catalogue of films:  Papillion, The Thomas Crown Affair, The Great Escape, and Bullitt. As his preferred choice of footwear this stunning boot with its durable rubber sole continues to be uniquely made by the famous English shoemaker Sanders and Sanders in Northamptonshire.

    Sanders HI-TOP snuff suede 6480SS above Sanders HI-TOP snuff suede 6480SS side Sanders HI-TOP snuff suede 6480SS

    Another star of the modern silver screen, Daniel Craig, has picked up the baton so to speak and is also a huge fan of the Playboy boot.  Look out for them as 007 in Spectre.

    At Bradshaw & Lloyd we are proud to offer all the suede options of the Playboy boot which continues to be hugely popular.  Visit to view the entire collection.

  • Bradshaw & Lloyd

    Loake alone produce something in the region of 250 different styles of shoe.  Barker and Sebago produce almost as many.  No shop can realistically stock the entire range of these brands shoes but in the Bradshaw & Lloyd shop in Hurstpierpoint we can genuinely claim to stock the greatest range of these shoes outside central London.  If you can make it here you will not be disappointed as we stock a truly comprehensive selection from these three brands. Richard de Winter is on hand in the shop with his 25 years of experience of shoe making and he will be sure to give you his utmost attention.  The shop is just off the A23/M23 10 minutes north of Brighton.

    The largest outlet for Loake shoes in SussexDo visit in advance of your arrival and we can confirm that the styles which interest you will be on show.  Please email

  • Loake Sandown chukka boot

    Loake have launched a range of exciting new designs for their Autumn collection whilst maintaining their total commitment to quality.  These include the Sandown boot which is fully leather lined and made on their ever popular Claridge last with traditional goodyear welted stud rubber soles. The Loake Sandown chukka boot is available in either brown suede or green suede and at £175 a pair offer fabulous value. Loake Sandown brown suede Loake Sandown green suede

    Bradshaw & Lloyd are pleased to offer the entire range of Loake shoes.  If you would like to discuss the Sandown boot or any other shoes do phone 01273-567575 or email

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