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  • Loake Kruger shoe

    Our Loake shoe of the week is the Loake Kruger shoe in tan calf.  This derby brogue is made on the very stylish Ridge last which provides a sufficiently extended and chisel toe without being too long.  We sell more shoes in this tan calf than any other colour as it works so well with blue denim and more formal navy trousers.

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    This Loake Kruger shoe is also available in black calf and burgundy calf, and all have the contrasting neutral sole edges which complements all three uppers so well. These shoes are traditionally goodyear welted so designed to be repaired again and again and crucially they are fully leather lined and have a good thick leather insole.  As you would expect from all Loake footwear these shoes are beautifully hand crafted and built to last and at £160 are superb value.

    The Loake Kruger shoe is available in half sizes from 6 to 11 and also sizes 12 and 13.  We maintain stocks in our Hurstpierpoint store in sizes 7 to 11 at all times so if you can make it here do pay us a visit and try a pair, you’ll love them

  • Bradshaw and Lloyd Chelsea boots

    With autumn on the horizon now may be the time to consider investing in some good Chelsea boots.  A well made Chelsea boot on an elegant last is always in fashion and with the good ankle support which they provide make them a delight to wear.

    All the good English shoemakers offer their version of the Chelsea but we are inevitably rather partial to our own collection which we think rivals all the well-known brands in terms of quality, fit and especially price.

    The Bradshaw & Lloyd Alnwick is made in the very finest French calf leather and being slightly lower cut up the ankle makes for a really elegant Chelsea when worn formally.  Our Hurst last provides an exceptionally elegant toe shape.Bradshaw & Lloyd Alnwick 1536B KPE Above Bradshaw & Lloyd Alnwick lifestyle 26.8.17

    For a higher cut Chelsea which can be worn for all occasions but especially when you just want to throw on your most comfortable items of footwear look at the Bradshaw & Lloyd Arundel in: chocolate brown waxy, tan waxy, black waxy and snuff suede. And also the Bradshaw & Lloyd Hever in black suede.

    In addition in December we are excited about the launch of the new Hever in dark brown suede with contrasting neutral leather soles.

    You can view all our stocked Chelsea boots at

  • Light tan calf brogues

    The popularity of men’s brogues in a light tan calf for the fashion conscious continues unabated.  Whether worn with blue jeans or more formal blue cheanos or suit trousers they just set one another off superbly.

    Loake offer a variety of brogues in this tan calf on a variety of last shapes.  The most popular for every day and more formal outings are the Kruger and Fearnley.  Both have a fashionable toe shape but the Kruger is that little bit longer with a more chiselled toe. For a heavier brogue the Burford boot and the Chester are the leaders of the pack.  All these are traditionally goodwear welted for good fit and longevity.Loake Fearnley tan copy

    Barker meanwhile offer a particularly good brogue style in the form of the McClean.  The version we stock in the Hurst store has blue suede panels set into the upper which sets off blue trousers with the tan calf superbly.  The McClean are made on our favourite brogue last, the 443.Barker-McClean-cedar-blue-Bradshaw-and-lloyd

  • Sole leather

    A question which I’m often asked is just how long is sole leather expected to last on a pair of traditionally goodyear welted English leather shoes before that little hole starts to appear and a visit to the cobbler is required.  In fact there are rather a lot of influences which can affect sole leather wear and there is no simple answer but I shall try to address them all here:Bradshaw & Lloyd Leeds1663BS sole

    There are of course various different grades of leather and cheaper loose grained leather will tend to wear much quicker than a good tightly grained leather.  There are also various techniques for processing sole leather of which some produce more durable sole leather than others.  What is known as oak bark tanned leather is universally regarded as the hardest wearing sole leather whereby the leather is ‘buried’ in a combination of acorns and oak bark for up to two years.  This type of leather is generally only found in shoes costing over £400.  In fact most English factories such as Churches, Crockett & Jones, Barker, Loake, Tricker’s, Sanders and Cheaney tend to use very similar sole leather in their English made shoes.

    Some people are much heavier on their shoes in the way they walk than others.  Also some people are simply much heavier than others and therefore inevitably put more wear on the soles.

    Wet sole leather will wear a good deal quicker than leather which is bone dry.  This is one very important reason why it is important to allow shoes to dry out well before wearing them again if they have become very wet.  Allowing a day between outings is usually sufficient assuming that the shoes are allowed to dry naturally.

    Finally there is of course the amount of mileage that the shoes receive and the sort of surface on which the shoes are walked.  If you don’t wear them outside much sole leather can last 10 years or more.

    If you do find that you are wearing through your sole leather rather sooner than you’d like then consider asking your local cobbler to attach some rubber stick-on soles before the leather wears too thin.  These are long lasting, cheap to replace and you don’t need to worry about them getting wet.

  • Mens shoe shop Sussex

    Are you looking for a quality mens shoe shop in Sussex?  We have an extraordinarily extensive range of Loake and Sebago shoes stocked in half sizes.  We also offer Barker and Sanders shoes along with our in-house range of chukka and Chelsea boots.  The shop is right in the middle of Sussex, just north of Brighton and a stones throw from the A23.Claire Goldsmith150416-0123-v4 reduced

    At the Bradshaw and Lloyd shop in Hurstpierpoint we are not just footwear.  We now offer an extensive range of belts to complement the shoe and boots we offer.  We have recently started stocking premium quality belts from the British Belt co.  These are made entirely in England and complement the footwear styles which we stock from Loakes, Barker, Sanders and Trickers.  We still have stock of the fabulous Trickers belts in all five colours.  These are presently on sale at half price.

    If you have found that there is a lack of quality mens shoe shops these days then do take a trip to visit our mens shoe shop in Sussex at Hurstpierpoint, you will be very pleasantly surprised with what we have to offer. To get a taste have a look at our website:

  • The Bradshaw and Lloyd Leeds chukka boot in chocolate brown suede

    We are pleased to announce the arrival of the new Bradshaw & Lloyd Leeds chukka boot in chocolate brown suede.  Made on our stunning Hurst last this version of the original Warwick chukka has traditionally goodyear welted double leather soles and heels. The contrasting neutral sole and heel edges set off the premium grade chocolate suede to perfection.

    Bradshaw & Lloyd Leeds-1700TDSBradshaw & Lloyd Leeds-1700TDS sideBradshaw & Lloyd Leeds-1700TDS aboveBradshaw & Lloyd Leeds-1700TDS sole


    We are stocking the Leeds boot in half sizes from 7 to 11.  The Hurst last is a good regular F/medium wide fitting and suits most feet.  Our introductory price of £217 includes free delivery throughout the UK.  Should you need to return a pair we provide a free returns service throughout the UK.

  • Barker William loafer

    The Barker William moccasin loafer is a fabulous shoe for the summer.  Casual enough to be worn with shorts whilst smart enough to be worn with chinos with or without socks.  The shoe is available at in three colour options: cedar calf, navy suede with a cedar collar and bitter chocolate suede with contrasting blue stitching.  We also have limited remaining sizes in the now discontinued khaki suede option in our sale.Barker William navy suede and cedar lifestyle Barker William navy suede and cedar.

    For a shoe to be truly comfortable and allow the foot to breathe properly it should be wrapped in good quality leather.  Synthetics just don’t allow the foot to breathe properly and so they overheat and with nowhere for the perspiration to go bacteria will accumulate and before long they will start to smell.  Barker are uncompromising with the quality of their shoes and the Barker William are true to type, only the finest leathers are used in the construction of this lockstitched loafer.

    Barker are one of the very oldest traditional English shoemakers.  Based on the original site of their first factory in Earls Barton, Northamptonshire , Barkers have been making the most desirable men’s shoes since 1880. Should you like any further information on the Barker William or any other of our footwear brands do contact or give us a call.

  • Care of suede shoes

    Many of our customers ask how to care for their nubuck and suede shoes properly.  In fact it is rather simpler than caring for leather shoes since a regular application of a wax or cream polish is unnecessary.  However many of the same rules do apply and nubuck and suede shoes should be treated as follows:

    Shoe trees will help maintain the shoes in shape and, if they are good absorbent ones made of cedar wood, will also help extract moistrure from the linings.

    Should the shoes get muddy then let them dry naturally, well away from intense sources of heat such as radiators.  Once dry use a soft suede brush, ideally rubber, to brush away the now dry dirt.Euroleathers suede rubber brush

    The biggest risk for nubuck and suede shoes is oily liquids which can soak into the uppers. There are various spray protectors on the market but the one that stands way above the competition is Carbon Pro from Collonil.  These 300ml sprays offer superb, long lasting protection against wetness and dirt.  Once applied a breathable, resistant net-like structure of polymer chains will act as a barrier so that liquid drops will simply roll off the surface.

    A regular gentle brushing with a rubber suede brush will help lift the pile of the nubuck or suede shoes and keep them looking their best. Carbon Pro is available at

  • Dainite rubber soled footwear

    There has been a huge surge in popularity of Goodyear welted stud rubber soles as used by the premium English shoemakers such as Church, Crockett & Jones, Loakes, Sanders, Cheaney, Alfred Sargent and Trickers.  These often appear under the English brand name of ‘Dainite’. Here we look at the pros and cons of stud rubber soles against leather ones:


    Leather is certainly more traditional.  Rubber soles only came into being around the time of WWI.  Traditionally tanned leather soles using the ‘oak bark’ method whereby the sole leather was submerged in a mixture of oak bark and acorns for a couple of years has long since gone by the wayside in all but the most expensive men’s footwear.  It is both time consuming and expensive to produce this iron hard sole leather but it really did wear two or three times as long as other sole leather.  21st century sole leather as used in shoes under £500 is not as durable as rubber.  In fact Dainite rubber soles will last twice as long as these leather soles.  Also when sole leather gets very thin it can get rather porous.  Whereas rubber remains water tight right up to the moment that a hole appears.

    We are advised to alternate our footwear for good reason.  We all lose a considerable amount of perspiration through our feet on even colder days and this moisture needs to be allowed to escape.  But with leather soled shoes it is especially important to alternate your footwear as damp sole leather can wear a great deal faster than when bone dry.  With rubber soled footwear alternating is still important to allow the linings to dry out but isn’t an issue as far as the soles are concerned.

    So what are the drawbacks of a Dainite rubber soled shoe?  Well actually there are very few.  So long as the welts of the shoe are leather one cannot tell what the soles are when looking down from above.  Rubber is also grippier than leather so you are less likely to slip over on a wet surface.  Some might worry feet could get hot without leather soles but so long as the insole of the shoe is made of a good thick piece of leather then feet can continue to breathe properly.

    In conclusion it does just come down to personal preference but Goodyear rubber soled footwear such as the Dainite brand is here to stay and we think jolly good too.DANITE RUBBER SOLE

  • Sebago rawhide laces

    Do your Sebago leather shoe laces have an annoying tendency to come undone? If so rest assured this is not limited to Sebago shoes. Fortunately there is a very simple solution: simply dangle the laces of your unlaced Sebago deck shoes into a bowl of water. The water will soak into the fibres of the leather and make them far more flexible and henceforth the laces will stay tied. However it’s well worth tying a double knot.

    Rawhide Sebago laces are highly durable but should they ever break let us know, we stock all the most popular leather laces along with all the most sought after Sebago shoes at lacing kit - white Sebago lacing kit dark brown Sebago lacing kit new

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