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  • Loake repairs in central London

    When it comes to doing Loake repairs there are a couple of options:

    Use Loake’s Freepost returns service and have the factory re-make the shoes or boots with a complete new sole and heel unit.  Your Loake repairs will be returned to you in a couple of week’s with fresh new seat socks and re- boxed, looking almost like new.  This service will cost you a very reasonable £85.00.

    Alternatively you could use a local cobbler for your Loake repairs.  But do be careful since re-soling traditionally goodyear welted footwear requires a skilled craftsman and quality materials.  Your local heel bar will certainly offer to repair your Loake shoes but I’d suggest you use someone who has been recommended.  There are all sorts of shortcuts which can be made in order to perform a cheaper repair which can damage a shoe and alter the fit.  Especially do not be persuaded to have the complete sole unit replaced as only Loake are able to use the original lasts on which the shoes are made.  Any other last can alter the fit.  We would always recommend a half sole and re-heel.  This is less invasive and done properly is better for the fit and longevity of the shoes.

    An alternative option for your Loake repairs is to make use of the Bradshaw & Lloyd shoe repair service.  We offer a free daily courier collection and return service throughout central London.  We charge £58.00 for a first class half sole and heel repair, using only the finest materials, and you will normally receive your repaired shoes back within 5 days of collection.  Just send an email to and we can send you the simple repair instruction sheet.Repairs

  • Loake 1880

    The Loake 1880 collection is Loake’s premium collection of handcrafted men’s leather footwear made in their Wood Street factory in Kettering, Northamptonshire.  A number of different lasts are used in their manufacture, depending upon the style of shoe, but the vast majority of the city weight Loake 1880 styles are made on the Loake Capital last.  We love this shape as it has just the right chiselled toe without being too long.

    loake 1880 logo high res- 2012 cmyk

    The entire range of Loake 1880 shoes and boots have traditionally Goodyear welted soles.  As you would expect most are leather soled but a growing number do have Dainite rubber stud soles.  These can be repaired in exactly the same way as leather soled footwear but will last rather longer and have the benefit of better grip.  Having had the wettest winter that I can remember for many years this type of sole really does make sense.  The fact that the welts are leather and the Dainite rubber soles are no thicker than a regular leather sole means that from above these rubber soled shoes look just the same as those with leather soles.

    Loake Buckingham brown

    To view the entire range of Loake 1880 styles visit or pop over to our Hurstpierpoint store where we stock a comprehensive range in half size increments.

  • Our choice of shoe for the summer, the Barker William:

    All being well the worst of the winter weather is behind us and thoughts are turning towards summer holidays.  With this in mind it may be time to address the summer wardrobe and what to wear on one’s feet?  You don’t want to take more baggage than you have to when travelling so how about a shoe that you can wear with or without socks, can be worn with shorts and is also smart enough for evening wear?:  The Barker William loafer.Barker William navy suede and cedar.

    We think that the Barker William loafer really does cut the mustard in terms of its styling, comfort and quality.  It’s a true moccasin so nice and flexible and fully repairable by any competent cobbler.  Also it’s made on the popular 465 Barker last.  The shoe is now available in five colour/leather options: cedar calf, navy suede, chocolate suede, dark navy suede and camel suede.  Therefore something to suit just about everyone, especially as it’s available in half sizes from 6 right through to 12.

    We stock most of the colour options of the Barker William loafer in the Bradshaw & Lloyd shop in Hurstpierpoint so do drop by and try a pair on.  We think you will be impressed.

  • Shoe care - shoe trees

    To help maintain your Loake, Barker, Trickers, Sanders and Bradshaw & Lloyd footwear in tip top condition we include a free pair of cedar wood shoe trees with most styles.  Trees are important as they not only help maintain the shape of the shoe or boot but cedar wood trees in particular will absorb moisture from the linings overnight.  This is very important as damp leather wears through much quicker than leather which has dried out well.SHOE TREES Classic cedar - Euroleather

    Try to get into the habit of inserting the trees into the shoes the moment that you take them off.  However if the shoes have become saturated in a heavy downfall then initially stuff some newspaper inside the shoes. This will absorb the excess of water before inserting the trees.  Never place leather shoes near a heat source such as a radiator as this can do irreparable damage to the leather’s fibres.  Leather likes to dry out slowly and at room temperature.

  • Playboy boot

    The Playboy boot as worn by Steve McQueen in the 1960’s is as popular as ever and still made with the same tools as it was during the swinging sixties.  Better known within the shoe industry as the HiTop boot the boot is exclusively made by Sanders and Sanders in Rushden, Northamptonshire. Sanders Hi Top lifestyle

    The boot came to the public’s attention when Daniel Craig sported a pair of Playboy boots when James Bond in SPECTRE and demand went silly.

    Sanders produce the Playboy boot in various suedes but the most popular for us is the snuff suede.  Also available are: blue suede, dark brown suede, dirty buck, black suede, grey suede and anthracite suede.  So a suede to suit most outfits.

    Check out all the colour options of the Playboy boot at where we offer a full range of sizes from 6 through to 12 in half size increments.

  • Sebago shoe update

    In Autumn 2017 Wolverine sold the very successful Sebago brand to the Italian firm BasicNet Group.  Distribution throughout the UK will in future be provided by GL Dameck Ltd.  We are excited as to what this will mean for the Sebago brand and are looking forward to BasicNet's further development of the range of both mens and womens styles whilst maintaining the greatly admired maintaining of the highest quality of shoe production.

    Sebago Lifestyle - Life well crafted

    Whilst the changeover of stock takes place and BasicNet put styles through production there is a considerable shortage of stock throughout Europe.  Fortunately at Bradshaw and Lloyd we went into Autumn 2017 with considerable Sebago stock and are able to supply all the styles in the sizes listed at We will of course be adding the very latest Sebago styles to just as soon as they become available.

  • Barker Calder and Lambourn boot

    With what looks like some pretty wintery weather on the horizon over the next few days now would be a good time to discuss some suitable men’s footwear.  The boots which immediately come to mind are from the Barker Country collection and for us the Barker Lambourn and Barker Calder high ankle Dainite soled boots come right to the top of favourites list.

    Barker Lambourn cherry grain

    The Barker Calder is a brogue boot whilst the Barker Lambourn is a straightforward toecap.  But both are available in either cedar grain or cherry grain leathers which we absolutely adore. These sumptuous leathers will last and just improve in lustre with use and polish.  Meanwhile the 29 last for the Lambourn and the 460 last for the Calder are a good regular fit but do allow that little bit of extra space for the thicker sock. Both boots have a storm welt to help deflect water from the welts and traditionally goodyear welted soles. There are various ways of attaching soles but goodyear welting is by far and away the best since it allows the soles to be replaced any number of times without degrading the uppers as only the welts are interfered with.

    Barker Calder-414976_CherryGrain

    Well looked after both the Barker Calder and Barker Lambourn are boots which will protect you well in the worst of weathers whilst looking great and lasting.  We stock both styles in the Bradshaw & Lloyd shop in Hurstpierpoint so do pay us a visit and try on a pair.

  • Loake lasts

    An explanation of Loake lasts:  Loake offer a huge variety of shoe and boot styles these days and the range of styles continues to expand at a rapid rate thanks to some of the best shoe designers in the industry. Perhaps the most important aspect of the design of any new style is the last around which the shoe or boot is made.   The last determines not only the fit of the shoe but also the shape and therefore the overall appearance.  The leathers and decoration are absolutely secondary to the last when it comes to a shoe’s success or failure.

    Understandably therefore Loake use a variety of different last shapes for the five shoe collections:  Loake 1880, Loake Shoemakers, Design Loake, Loake Lifestyle and entry level Loake L1.  For the Spring 2018 collection the number of Loake lasts is 37 and great care is taken in selecting the perfect last for the proposed shoe or boot.

    42 different last shapes are used in Loake's 2014 collection of shoe and boot styles.

    A separate Loake last is required for each half size of shoe and since Loake offer many styles from size 5 right through to 13 it is extraordinary just how many lasts are required when putting a couple of hundred or more shoes through production at any one time.  The lasts are tied up for some time since good shoes need to remain ‘lasted’ for a couple of weeks.  In the old days each last was individually carved by a skilled craftsman and last making itself was a huge stand along industry in Northamptonshire.  Fortunately these days there are sophisticated computers that guide lathes to very accurately create identical lasts are half size increments.

    Loakes, Trickers and Sanders use a variety of shoe lasts.

  • The new Loake Exclusive Range

    Loake shoemakers have introduced a stunning range of shoes and boots which are exclusively available from a select range of shops and are not available on line.  Loake have christened this collection the SS18 1880 Loake Exclusive Range.  As 1880 suggests these are Loake’s optimum grade of shoemaking and no expense has been spared in terms of materials and craftsmanship.Loake Exclusive Range

    We are very proud to be able to offer our customers all three styles from the Loake Exclusive Range.  All three styles are made on the new Loake River last which is possibly the finest last shape to have come out of the Loake factory:

    The Loake Garvan is a three eyelet chukka boot with a goodyear welted Dainite rubber sole and is available in three upper options: sand suede, dark brown burnished calf and black calf.

    The Loake Avon is a 5 eyelet apron derby with a nod towards the French styling with line of stitching running vertically down from the apron toe tip to the welt.  This leather soled shoe is available in 3 upper options:  dark brown burnished calf, brown suede and black calf.

    The Loake Leven goodyear welted leather soled penny loafer has the same toe stitching as the Avon and is available in dark brown burnished calf and black calf.

    Do visit the Bradshaw & Lloyd shop in Hurstpierpoint, the only shop stocking these Loake 1880 Exclusive Range outside London in the south east.

  • Loake Chatsworth boot

    Our best selling shoe/boot of the month is the mens’ Loake Chatsworth Chelsea boot.  Only in its first winter season this boot has proved extraordinarily popular both in the UK and worldwide.


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    These Loake Chatsworth boots, which are available in: black calf, brown waxy, brown suede and now also dark brown suede are a generous G (wide) fitting and have durable stud rubber soles, traditionally Goodyear welted to the leather upper.  The full leather lining and insole enable your feet to breathe properly and will also mould nicely with wear to the shape of your feet.  Whilst the Jockey last on which these boots are lasted provides just the perfect lines and toe shape.

    Have a look at these boots at  We include either a free pair of cedar wood shoe trees or our own shoe care kit in a leather bag with each online pair ordered. Throughout the UK we provide a speedy free delivery and returns service.

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