Crockett and Jones

Crockett and Jones, along with Trickers and Loakes are another true success story of English quality shoemaking. They have an illustrious history as one of the oldest and best shoemaking companys’ in England. They remain an independent family firm, still managed by members of the Jones family. They are now in the fourth generation of the Jones family, having founded the company in 1879.

Crockett and Jones are passionately traditional and have produced superb English shoes throughout the ups and downs of the English economy. They use traditional methods, to the extent that they buy up old shoe-making machines from defunct companies, which they then rebuild to produce their shoes in the traditional C & J way. They limit their expansion to the output that their factory can produce and refuse to compromise their shoes by adopting modern factory methods.

Crockett and Jones are the style-masters, their classic shoes are just a little longer and little slimmer than the other English brands. This flatters the foot and complements modern suits very well. Of all the classic English shoe-makers, C& J shoes match up Italian suits the best. There is slightly Italianate curve to their shoes which makes them catch the eye.

The leathers are of superb quality, fine-grained and very supple. When polished up, the shoes have a soft silky shine. Crockett and Jones use leather from herds on the Swiss/German/Austrian borders, which traditionally supply some of the best hides in Europe. They have a saying, which is that “a cow must be able to moo in three languages for Crockett and Jones to want their hides”

C&J make fine classic shoes, from around two hundred and fifty pounds. They also have a handgrade range, which are made of finer leather, with more hand-work and a slightly slimmer shape, from around £400.00. These shoes were originally a range made for John Lobb and strikingly handsome, once again with an Italian influence.

They are also one of the few English shoemakers to still have a cordovan range. Cordovan is horse leather and shoes made from it are supple and less prone to wrinkling and stretching.

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