Fitting Loake shoes

Outline drawings of your feet will help us establish your correct size in Loake shoes.

If you are unsure of your shoe size we welcome outline drawings of your feet which will help us establish the correct size of shoe for you.  Once you have selected the style of shoe or boot from Sanders, Sebago, Trickers or Loake shoes please forward this to along with your scanned outline feet drawings as follows:

Stand upright in socked feet on two A4 sheets of plain paper.  Whilst keeping still ask a good friend to draw around the outside of each foot whilst they keep the pencil absolutely vertical.  Although these won’t tell us the full story they do enable us to establish the correct size and fit of your feet fairly accurately.

Of course we cannot guarantee that the shoes we send you will be absolutely right but having been doing this for 25 years we pride ourselves on being pretty good.  So if you would like to try a pair of: Sebago, Sanders, Trickers or Loake shoes and are concerned about ordering the correct size of shoe then do try this method.  We provide free postage throughout Europe and if you live anywhere within the UK we provide an additional Freepost returns service.

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