Foot perspiration and how to prevent degradation and odours in Loakes shoes

To this day good quality leathers remain crucual for healthy footwear. Leather is a natural breathable material and today continues to be essential for healthy footwear.

Everyone’s feet perspire but normal amounts of perspiration may take months or even years to cause any damage to your Loakes shoes.  However profuse perspiration can cause deterioration of the leather within days or weeks.
The three main ingredients in perspiration are: urea, salt and lactates.  All these are harmful to most of the components in all leather shoes.  Over time these chemicals can attack the leather, causing it to eventually crack, crumble  or break.  Salts and other deposits from the perspiration can also lead to unsightly marks on the surface of the leather which are hard to remove.
Perspiration produces a moist environment in which mould and bacteria can thrive.  Also the perspiration itself provides food for these unwanted visitors to flourish.  Since it is not possible to rinse away the perspiration and shoes are often worn day after day the perfect ecosystem develops in which the shoes remain continuously damp and moulds continue to grow.  Therefore if you don’t allow your Loakes shoes to dry out properly between outings, by alternating two or more pairs,  don’t be surprised if objectionable odours develop. But be grateful that Loakes shoes are made with natural materials.  Cheaper shoes contain man-made materials which cannot breathe and the odours in such shoes can become intolerable within hours. Remember those trainers in your youth left in your kit bag to fester after each energetic outing on the sports field!

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