Jeffery West

Jeffery West are now over twenty years old. Jeffery West do not advertise but have grown by just this kind of word-of-mouth.

Jeffery West are actually Mark Jeffery and Guy West. They make classic English shoes redesigned for the stylish modern man. Their shoes are characterised by long vamps, elaborate and clever brogueing, hidden eyelets, high facings and other beautiful design elements. The leathers of the uppers are often glossy and ostentatious. Every style has a uniqueness about it that catches the eye. The end-result is a sleek eye-catching, sexy shoe.

Like other quality English shoe brands Jeffery West shoes are comfortable, hardwearing and well made, but these are really shoes for being seen in. They are manly, sexy and improve your look with their extreme stylishness. They are made to be a dandy in, a well-dressed man about town. Think Michael Caine in Get Carter, Terence Stamp in Modesty Blaise, hip English actors of the sixties.

Jeffery West shoes start at around £200. You can buy them from the Jeffery West website but I would recommend going to one of the shops, just for the experience. The colour scheme is black, with red velvet and lots of gold-gilt, like a slightly seedy brothel. The shops are small and packed with more shoe styles than you could count and all of them are timelessly stylish. Their shop in the Piccadilly Arcade is style central.

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