John Lobb Shoes

John Lobb have the most illustrious and celebrated history of any shoemaker and have won countless awards for their shoes. They were founded in 1849 by a Cornishman, who was of course, John Lobb. The ready to wear part of the company is owned by Hermes, but continues to use classic English methods to produce quality shoes.

Lobb ready-to-wear are surprisingly adventurous shoes, with more than a touch of Italian styling. Their shoes are sleek, with modern designs giving a radical look to old favourites such as Oxfords and Monk-straps. If you run your hands over a pair of Lobb shoes, the leather is cool, perfectly smooth, perfectly finished. The shoes are a thing of beauty.They use laser cutting machines for brogue-ing and this makes superb finely etched patterned shoes. The laser-cut brogue-ing is mesmeric, it makes you want to look at the shoe from every angle, it is strange and beautiful and luxurious, all at the same time. John Lobb also use unusual and sophisticated colours in their leathers, with reds, plums and very pale tans (amongst others), producing beautiful and original shoes.

In truth, Lobb entry level shoes are the equivalent of other brand’s handcrafted ranges, with the finest of leathers and superb finishing (the stitching on Lob shoes is very fine). As with other shoemakers there is a hand-crafted range and these typically have a slimmer shape across the instep, making the shoe neater and flattering the foot. There is of course a price differential. Lobb ready-to-wear shoes start at around £550 and go up over the £1000 mark.

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