Loake shoe

There are 6 collections in the Loake shoe range for 2013 and each offer something rather special for the discerning shoe buyer:

Loake 1880:  Made in Loake’s Kettering factory these premium grade shoes represent the absolute pinnacle of quality leather shoes.  Traditionally goodyear welted as you would expect but made using the very finest leathers and on the most elegant of lasts.  There is no skimping on workmanship here on either the outer leathers or the equally important linings.  There are 42 styles of shoe to choose from.

Pimlico suede chukka boot and sole detail from the 1880 Loake shoe collection.

Loake Evolution:  Made to the same quality specification as the 1880 Collection, the Evolution range incorporate the same goodyear welted technology but a flexibility which provides a wearability that make them supremely comfortable straight from the box.  No painful breaking-in with these 8 style options.  All made in Loake’s Kettering factory.

Loake Shoemakers:  This collection has provided the backbone of the Loake brand name for the past 40 odd years.  Well priced and superbly made these shoes are very elegant and hard wearing and provide what most of us are looking for in a shoe:  elegance, breathability, repairability and durability.  35 styles to choose from and all made in Loake’s Kettering factory.

The Design Loake Collection is exactly what it says.  Here Loake have introduced really stylish shoes for those who want something a little different without have to fork out hundreds of pounds on designer brands which may look exciting but lack quality components and craftsmanship.  Loake have maintained their ruthless attention to quality and detail with this collection.  32 cutting edge styles to choose from.

The L1 Collection:  Produced in Loake’s own factory in India Loake have managed to produce a range of shoes made with their own carefully selected leathers and made according to their exacting goodyear welted standards on a range of elegant last shapes.  These 14 styles are exceptionally good value.

Loake Lifestyle:  This range fills the gaps in a gentleman’s wardrobe when he wants a casual shoe for less formal occasions.  Yet still requires a quality product with natural components, which is essential for a foot to be comfortable and able to breathe.  34 styles to choose from.

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