Loake shoes and galoshes

If you find that you are having to tramp through thick snow in your much loved suede or leather Loake shoes then there is only one sure way to protect them and that is by wearing galoshes.

The Tingley galosh The Tingley galosh is an elegant solution to protect your shoes in the snow.

Not only will water eventually find its way inside your shoes if the snow is thick enough to go over the welts but the salt that councils religiously sprinkle over the roads and which inevitably ends up over pavements can cause dreadful white stains on the uppers.  These can be hard if not impossible to remove.
At Bradshaw & Lloyd have we spent some time researching what galoshes are on the market.  Some certainly do the job but look terribly unattractive whilst others look good but cost the same amount as buying a pair of shoes.  Fortunately we came across the Tingley rubber company, based in the United States.  Tingley have been making products from natural rubber for decades and produce a high quality galosh which fits so snugly over formal shoes that they do not detract from the original elegant lines of the shoe.  They are light-weight, hard wearing and actually roll up so that they are not much bigger than a rolled up pair of socks.  They also have a very grippy sole which is a godsend when the pavements get icy.  Sensibly prices at £27 we would suggest that you keep a pair at home and at the office so they are there when you need them.  That way when you arrive at your destination your Loake shoes will continue to look superb.
As a special promotion we are offering a pair of Tingley galoshes with each pair of Loake shoes from the Loake 1880 collection.

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