Loake shoes in winter

The Loake Wolf with fur lining and stitched rubber soles. The Loake Wolf fur lined boot.

With the onset of winter on the horizon many of our customers are looking for footwear which will keep out the elements. Both Sanders and Loake have embraced this with a considerable range of shoes and boots with stud rubber soles attached to the uppers with the same traditional Goodyear welted shoemaking method as their leather soled variants.
The beautifully fur lined Loake Wolf boot has proved particularly popular in Norway, Sweden and Russia where they know about harsh winters with its stud rubber sole and storm welt. But the beauty of this boot is that it has truly elegant lines, thanks to the Loake 024 last, which allows it to be worn formally without looking out of place.
Rubber soles such as the Dainite stud sole are not only fairly slip-resistant but are extraordinarily hard wearing. When they do eventually wear thin, unlike a leather sole, water just won’t ingress through the thin remaining rubber. But the joy of these is that when they do finally wear through you can simply ask your cobbler to repair them with a half rubber stitched sole and so keep the repair cost down and not interfere with the after part of the sole which doesn’t wear.
The latest rubber soled shoes and boots to look out for from Loake shoes at Bradshaw & Lloyd are:
258 / 209 / 623 / 624 / Waverley / 805 / Sovereign / Epsom / 806 / Blenheim / Fleet / Kempton /  Pimlico /  Haydock /  Gable / Cumbria / Langdale / Scafell /  Otterburn / Leamington / Maitland /  Winchester /  Badminton /  Edward /  Thirsk /  Worton / Apethorn / Mulligan / Adams /  Chester /  Fisher /  Hyde /  Bedale / Dovedale /  Wharfdale /  Burford /  Wolf.

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