Loakes sale shoes from Bradshaw & Lloyd

Loakes sale shoes

At Bradshaw & Lloyd we offer an extensive selection of Loake sale shoes at discounted prices. This range of shoes and boots are in perfect condition and are not seconds. Loake offer seasonal variations in the extensive range of shoes which they offer in their five collections. When a style is refreshed we are able to offer the discontinued styles at substantially reduced prices. Simply visit our online store where you will be able to view available Loakes sale shoes in your size.

Returns policy

We provide free secure delivery throughout the UK on Loakes sale shoes. We would ask that you try the shoes on a carpet so that they remain in new condition should you decide to return them. You would be responsible for the return costs via a secure carrier. Should you decide to return a pair of Loakes sale shoes on their receipt we will immediately refund the money paid in full.