Loakes, Sanders and Trickers shoe lasts.

Shoe lasts:
At Bradshaw and Lloyd we offer Sanders, Loakes and Trickers shoes in either F (medium wide) or G (wide), or in some styles H (extra wide) fittings. But the shoes also come in a variety of different last shapes and it is the last shape which crucially determines the shape of the finished shoe or boot. A single last shape can be used for different width fittings so that the general shape of the shoes whether medium wide or wide remains the same.

Loakes, Trickers and Sanders use a variety of shoe lasts.

Once you have identified your preferred last shape you can use the advanced filter on the Bradshaw & Lloyd website to narrow down your shoe search to purely those made on that particular last. The shoe manufacturers do guard their last shapes closely so you won’t find a Loakes shoe made on the same last as a Sanders or Trickers shoe for instance.
If you need any help in finding a shoe similar to a previous last shape which you have liked do contact Richard@bradshawandlloyd.com.

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