Loakes shoes

Although we make obtaining Loakes shoes as simple as possible and provide a free returns service within the UK, should you need to return your order, it is obviously best to try and get the right fitting first time around. Fortunately Loakes shoes fit true to size across the full range of their shoes and boots.  Therefore you can use our size conversion chart with confidence if you are used to buying shoes in European or US sizes.  However if you find you vary between sizes then at Bradshaw & Lloyd we have a solution:
You can’t do this single handedly so you will need to recruit an assistant, but the task only takes a few moments.  Whilst wearing socks and standing on a single sheet of A4 paper ask a friend to draw around your foot with a pencil whilst keeping the pencil vertical.  Then repeat this exercise for the other foot.  You can then email or post these outline drawings to us.  We can then interpret these outlines and advise you of the correct size of shoe to order.
With loafers and other slip-ons with no elastic gussets do bear in mind that with a fairly stiff goodyear welted leather sole your heel will slip up and down as you walk.  This will resolve itself once the shoes begin to break in and the sole begins to flex properly.  If you are concerned about this heel slippage the best way to establish whether you have the right fit is as follows:  Sit down, cross one leg over the other knee and then gently pull the heel of the shoe which is in the air on and off your heel.  If the heel upper remains fitting closely around your heel in this raised position then you have a good fit.
Whether you are looking for slip-ons, brogues, oxfords or boots you will find that Loake have an extraordinary variety of styles to choose from.  With our comprehensive filter system at BradshawandLloyd.com you can quickly filter out just the right Loakes

Drawing around your socked feet to obtain Loakes shoes

shoes which you are looking for.

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