Oliver Sweeney

Sweeney took the classic shoe shapes and English shoemaking and gave them both a creative twist. Sweeney took basic shapes like the Derby and changed the shape of the toe, the length of the vamp, to alter the silhouette of the shoe. His shoes have a sleek, streamlined shape that suggests they are Italian but their details and finishes are edgy British street fashion. He is a new classic brand.

Oliver Sweeney shoes are well made, using traditional British techniques, but usually use softer, smoother leathers, giving his shoes more of an Italian look and feel. Beyond that he experiments with the shape and look of the shoe to produce something unique. His current collection includes shoes with a sole shaped as an extended hexagon, which sounds weird but works well. Sweeney’s shoes are always risky and sometimes they do not work for me. But Oliver Sweeney’s creative re-forming of classic types produces shoes that stand out and are widely admired.

Sweeney shoes really come to life and look so good on one’s foot. Also how comfortable they are. Oliver Sweeney have pioneered an “anatomical last” and shoes built on it have a gently curved arch which supports the foot. You can feel it the first time you put a pair of their shoes on.

Sweeney’s staff are passionate about their shoes and will definitely give you an opinion about whatever shoes you try on. Wonderful guys to talk to about shoes and clothes, very stylish and very friendly at the same time. They know their shoes and will even help you accessorise the shoes from their business accessories range. They are the only shoemaker who will give definitive advice on whether a pair of shoes will suit particular clothes.
The Sweeney effect

Oliver Sweeney proudly make classic shoes with a difference. They are a young man’s classic, full of fun and style.

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