Our rubber soled shoes

So long as a shoe is leather lined and has a leather insole it makes little difference to the breathability of a shoe whether it has leather or rubber soles. If a shoe can breathe then not only will it be good for the leather but it will be good for your feet. Because of their flexibility, durability and non-slip attributes an ever growing number of our shoes have a rubber sole. These are still Goodyear welted in the traditional manner and so any number of re-soles remain possible.

By far and away our most popular rubber sole is the 'Dainite', manufactured by the Harboro Rubber Company in Leicester since 1894. The company remains in Market Harborough at the centre of the shoe making industry, between Leicester and Northampton, under the leadership of the original founder's family. The Dainite trade name originates from the established local phrase describing the company as 'day and night' mills. The Dainite studded sole is one of its most widely known and used products. It provides comfort and grip in all conditions whilst not attracting or storing dirt.

Over the years the Dainite rubber sole has become the rubber sole of all discerning shoe manufacturers including: Loake shoes, Trickers shoes, Sanders shoes, Church shoes, Crockett and Jones shoes and Barker shoes. This sole has hardly changed since it first appeared in 1910.

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