Protect your Loake shoes in foul weather with Tingley galoshes

With the summer now well and truly behind us and the prospect of autumn showers on their way now is a good time to consider protecting your Loake shoes from water, ice and snow.  A liberal application of wax polish is always advisable as it will not only feed the leather but is also tremendously good at keeping water from penetrating along stitches.  But if the weather gets really bad water will find its way into your shoes and the salts in snow and ice will stain the uppers.

Protect your Loake shoes in foul weather with Tingley galoshes.

There is one sure way to prevent this and this is by wearing rubber overshoes, aka galoshes.  In the past these have been really rather unattractive and cumbersome articles of apparel and did little to complement the rest of the well turned out gentleman’s attire.  Fortunately Tingley     galoshes have come up with a natural rubber galosh, available in four size variants, which fit snugly over any traditionally goodyear welted shoe.  The rubber is pliable enough to adopt the overall dimensions of the underlying shoe so fellow commuters are unlikely to notice that you are wearing overshoes.  The added bonus of these galoshes is their integral rubber cleated sole which will grip the ground in the most slippery of winter conditions.  Keep a pair at work and at home and simply slip them over your shoes when the conditions require them.
At £28.50 Tingley galoshes are an economic way to protect your Loake shoes but at Bradshaw and Lloyd we are offering a free pair of Tilney galoshes with each pair of Loake 1880, Loake Evolution and Loake Shoemaker styles.  Check out our website to view all the latest Loake shoes.

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