Repairing Loake shoes

At Bradshaw & Lloyd we provide a comprehensive, traditional shoe repair service for all our customers in central London.  Our courier will collect the shoes from your office and return them to you normally within seven days.  We won’t just repair the Trickers, Sanders and Loake shoes which you may have bought from us but we will repair any well made shoe.
Our cobbler has 30 years experience repairing fine grade shoes and would admit to being somewhat of a perfectionist.  If a welt is looking worn out he will hand stitch a replacement section of welt rather than suggesting that the shoes are beyond repair.  The idea of a genuine Goodyear welted shoe is that it can be re-soled and re-heeled numerous times and so, if well cared for, they can last a very long time.  It is terribly wasteful that so many mass produced shoes these days are manufactured in such a way that they cannot be successfully re-soled and are expected to be disposed of once the soles have worn through.  These manufacturers do this of course in the belief that you will buy a replacement pair.
So whether your worn shoes are Loake shoes or Crockett and Jones just send an email to and we can send you all the details you need to arrange a courier collection from your office in central London along with our price list.  The shoes will be returned to you having had a thoroughly good polish.

Repairing Loake shoes to the highest standard.
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