Repairing Loake shoes

All Trickers shoes, and the vast majority of Sanders and Loake shoes are goodyear welted.  This is a time honoured method of shoe construction and means that a replacement  sole can be sewn on without stitching directly to the upper leather. It is therefore important that when your shoes do need a sole replacement, whether in leather or rubber, that your shoe repairer uses the correct technique.

The goodyear welted method of shoe construction.

Repairing shoes is really quite a skilled profession, sadly there are all too many heel bars where they will happily take your shoes but may do them harm.  It’s too easy to stitch a new sole onto the insole of the shoe.  This is called a Blakey re-sole and can put the shoe out of balance.  Always check that your repairer will be using the goodyear welt method to attach the new soles.
The shoes we offer are designed to last many years and allow numerous sole replacements.  If you aren’t fortunate enough to have a good local cobbler then you may be interested in the Bradshaw & Lloyd shoe repair service.  We return repaired shoes via courier for free throughout the UK and within central London offer a free collection service.  We charge just £44.00 for a re-sole and re-heel, in either rubber or leather, and use the very best materials.  If you would like further information about getting your Trickers, Sanders or Loake shoes repaired then email and we shall forward our full details.

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