Repairing quality hand-crafted shoes

Whether your shoes are from Lobb, Churches, Crockett and Jones, Loake, Sanders or Bradshaw and Lloyd you have two options: Either return your shoes to the factory where they were made or find a really good quality local repairer.

When the shoes go back to the factory they are re-fitted to the original last that they were make on. They will be steam-moulded back to the last, restoring the original shape that they had when they were made.

The craftsmen who repair the shoes will know the characteristics of that style of shoe and will look for damage and flaws that need to be repaired.

Finally they will put on a new sole which will be precisely fitted back to the welt it was made for. You are getting back an almost new shoe.

However there are real disadvantages of returning the shoes to the manufacturer:
1 Cost. You can buy a middle-of-the-road replacement pair of shoes for the price it can cost.
2 Delay. You can loose your shoes for almost a month with some manufacturers.

These days it's not easy to find a good generic shoe repairer however when you do, treasure him. I would never advocate a generic repairer do a long sole and re-heel as this involves taking the shoe apart and of course he won't be repairing the shoes on the lasts on which the shoes were originally made. Consequently the shoe can loose its shape slightly. However done properly a good repairer can carry out a 'half sole' which just replaces the sole leather which wears. Consequently this is much cheaper than a long sole. The other huge advantage is that you will only loose your shoes for a few days. But do be careful as there are many shoe repairers who are not true professionals and can do a shoddy repair.

If you haven't yet done so you should try our Bradshaw and Lloyd shoe repair service:

For just £39 (per pair) we can collect your shoes from any ofice in central London and our skilled cobbler will expertly repair them using the best materials and traditional methods and then return them, usually within 5 to 10 days. If you live/work outside central London for the cost of posting your shoes to us we shall repair them to you for no extra postage charge, UK mainland only.

If you would like us to attend to your shoes please email or telephone 0870-2406990 and we shall post you a courier sack and instruction sheet.

Men's repair prices per pair (inclusive of courier service and VAT):
½ leather stitched sole & rubber heel * £39.00
½ rubber stitched sole & rubber heel £39.00
½ leather stitched sole £29.00
½ rubber stitched sole £29.00
Stick-on rubber sole £17.00
Rubber heel £10.00
Rubber heel with quarter iron £12.00
Leather heel with quarter rubber £13.00
Re-line heel upper £10.00
Steel toes tip £3.00
* Standard repair.
We also repair womens' shoes but due to their diverse nature we do need to see them before we can quote a price.
The courier sack will take up to 5 pairs of shoes. Our minimum repair price per sack is £39.

For our new shoes please visit where delivery throughout the UK is FREE plus we now offer a FREE RETURNS service should you wish to return shoes for any reason. We offer an ever expanding range of shoes from:
Loake shoes
Sebago shoes
Sanders shoes
Trickers shoes
Bradshaw and Lloyd shoes

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