How would you rate our shoe repair service for Sanders, Trickers and Loake shoes?

At Bradshaw & Lloyd we pride ourselves on the aftercare service which we offer for your shoes.  Whether they are Sanders, Trickers or Loake shoes we provide a full repair service.  As you would expect we are continually trying to improve this service and would really appreciate your comments about the repair service which we offer, whether you have used us before or not.  Please email  and do tell me your thoughts about our central London shoe repair service , below are some suggestions for discussion:
1    Collection and return:    We offer a free collection service throughout central London.

Courier delivering repaired Loake shoes.

We can either post you a courier sack in advance or email you collection instructions so we can collect the shoes the same day you instruct us.  If you can let us know by 3pm we shall collect your shoes that same day.
2    Price:  We charge £39 for a half leather sole and re-heel.  Our research has shown that many shoe repairers are charging £60 for this repair.  Below is a price list of our standard repairs:
Repair Prices for Men's Shoes (per pair):
½ leather stitched sole & rubber heel       £39.00
½ rubber stitched sole & rubber heel                £39.00
½ leather stitched sole    £29.00
½ rubber stitched sole        £29.00
Stick-on rubber sole    £17.00
Rubber heel                                         £10.00
Rubber heel with quarter iron                       £12.00
Leather heel with quarter rubber                    £13.00
Re-line heel upper - shoes    £10.00
Re-line heel upper - boots    £13.00
Steel toes tip    £3.00
Replace seat socks (Branded leather piece, under the heel)    £7.50
Replace elastic on buckle    £11.00
Stretch width    £4.00
Cotton laces    £1.90

3    Turnaround:  We return the shoes to your office within 5 to 10 working days.
4    Convenience:  Is our service more or less convenient than taking your shoes to your local cobbler on your day off?  Or perhaps returning them to Sanders, Trickers or Loake shoes?
5    Quality of repair:  We use only the best materials for our shoe repairs but we would value your feedback on how your repaired shoes have performed for you.
6    Wear:  How do you find the wear of your repaired Sanders, Trickers or Loake shoes compares to how they wore when you originally purchased them?
7    Cleaning: The shoes are cleaned and polished prior to being returned to you.  Have you been happy with this?
8    Service:  Is the courier courteous and efficient when he /she has been collecting/returning your shoe repairs?
9    Additional:  Is there anything which we could do to improve our shoe repair service of your Sanders, Trickers or Loake shoes?

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