Rubber galoshes for your Sanders, Trickers and Loake shoes.

The Loake, Sanders and Trickers leather buyers take considerable care in selecting the best hides for their shoes. If they are well cared for these shoes and boots will last many years and take any number of re-soles. However leather is prone to unsightly salt stains and at this time of year local authorities are liberal in their spraying of salt on our roads. This gets onto the pavements and inevitably onto our shoes. A good coating of wax polish will certainly help in keeping the salts out of the leather but one thing which is guaranteed to protect your shoes if you have a lengthy commute is to slip some rubber overshoes/galoshes over the shoes.

Rubber galoshes will protect your Sanders, Trickers and Loake shoes from salt stains.

We recommend Tingley galoshes as they slip snugly over shoes and retain the overall shape of the underlying shoe so don’t draw attention to your feet. At Bradshaw & Lloyd we offer Tingley galoshes at £28.50 per pair but most of our Sanders, Trickers and Loake shoes include a free accessory in the price, one of which can be a pair of these galoshes. Keep a pair of galoshes at home and also at your office so if the weather takes a downturn during the day you are prepared.

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