Sebago Dockside repairs

Repairing Sebago Dockside shoes

Sebago Dockside and Spinnaker shoes are traditionally made moccasins.  They have a durable rubber sole with extraordinarily good traction.  This attribute is essential for a shoe  designed for sailing in all weather.  Although these soles are very hard wearing they can, when eventually necessary, be re-soled.  At Bradshaw and Lloyd we don’t carry replacement soles but all Sebago Dockside and Spinnaker shoes may be sent to Sebago’s official UK repairer:  The Shoe Repair Centre, telephone:  02380 446154
We can however repair all Sebago’s leather soled shoes such as their Classic penny loafer.  These are made with Sebago’s patented welted technique and can be repaired any number of times.  If you are fortunate enough to work in central London we provide a free collection and return service for repairs.  Contact and we can forward you further details of our very comprehensive shoe repair service.

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