Sebago laces

Leather laces

Sebago laces are high quality, durable rawhide leather thongs and are intended to be threaded in and out of the brass eyelets which run around the sides of the their deck shoes. In our experience genuine Sebago laces are extraordinarily durable. They are of course designed to get wet but as with all leather products they should be allowed to dry naturally. This means not force drying them near a heat source such as a radiator which will destroy the fibres.

Good quality rawhide laces are available on the high street but without a threading needle you won’t be able to thread the laces in and out of the eyelets. Lesser deck shoes have cosmetic lacing going around the shoe so with these a lacing needle is not required. However the purpose of a genuine moccasin with a fully functioning lacing system to hold the foot securely is one of the reasons that Sebago deck shoes are so loved. You can obtain replacement Sebago laces in three colours along with the needle at

Textile laces

Textile Sebago laces are used in the Sebago Triton Three Eye and Clovehitch style deck shoes. These are marine grade textile laces and are extraordinarily durable. In our experience they last the entire lifetime of the shoes. For this reason Sebago do not offer replacement textile lacing kits.