Shoe Repair Service: Free courier collection service in Central London

Are your shoes in need of repair? We offer a FREE collection and return service from any business address within central London.

Men's repair prices per pair (inclusive of courier service and VAT):
½ leather stitched sole & rubber heel * £37.00
½ rubber stitched sole & rubber heel £37.00
½ leather stitched sole £28.00
½ rubber stitched sole £28.00
Stick-on rubber sole £16.00
Rubber heel £9.00
Rubber heel with quarter iron £11.00
Leather heel with quarter rubber £12.00
Re-line heel upper £9.00
Steel toes tip £2.50
* Standard repair.
Minimum repair price per collection is £37. Turnaround usually within 5 to 10 working days.

To arrange collection of your shoes please reply to this email or telephone 0870-2406990 and we shall post you a courier sack which will take up to 5 pairs of shoes.

For our new shoes: Loake shoes, Sebago shoes, Sanders shoes and Trickers shoes please visit

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