The Bradshaw and Lloyd branded range

We offer two collections:
The Bradshaw & Lloyd Bench-Made Collection: In the old days a gentleman expected to spend one week’s salary on a pair of decent shoes. He would then expect those shoes to last him a generation. This collection meets all those quality requirements and epitomizes all that was ever great about English shoemaking. Bench-made in a factory in Northampton which has been hand crafting the very finest shoes since 1829, we are very proud to offer these shoes under the Bradshaw & Lloyd brand, at a fraction of the price they would be in London’s Jermyn Street. Last shape is crucial to the look of a shoe and this entire collection is made on the finest last we have seen in 20 years. Nothing has been spared in terms of the quality of materials. The upper leathers are made of the very best box calf leathers and the extraordinarily hard wearing oak bark tanned leather soles will last on average three times as long as regular leather soles. We are confident that once worn these shoes will become a prized possession and will last far longer than you thought possible – short of forking out a weeks’ wages.

The Bradshaw & Lloyd Grosvenor Collection: Made entirely in England by one of the most respected shoe makers in Northampton. As with our Bench-Made Collection these shoes are made using the traditional Goodyear welting method of construction, whereby the upper leather, insole, welt and sole are entirely stitched together. This time consuming method is acknowledged to be the finest construction for formal footwear as it enables the shoe to be resoled any number of times without degrading the upper leather. With fine grade calf leather uppers, full leather linings, leather welts and leather insoles these shoes represent extraordinary good value and, crucially, they look superb.

Visit the website to view the entire range of shoes including Loake shoes, Sebago shoes, Sanders shoes and Trickers shoes.

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