The effect of foot perspiration on your Sebago shoes

Perspiration will harden leather and lead to cracking and ultimately shorten the life of your Sebago shoes.  Either on its own or via its reaction with footwear components perspiration can also result in an unpleasant odour.  Leaving shoes in a perspiration-saturated condition will lead to the development of mould, invariably in the forepart of the insoles.
Especially in hot weather all feet produce a great deal of perspiration so what can be done?:

  1. Avoid wearing the same pair of shoes every day.
  2. Allow air to circulate inside the shoes between outings.
  3. Use aromatic cedarwood shoe trees.
  4. Try to buy fully leather lined footwear.  The lining will then take most of the punishment inflicted by the perspiration.
  5. If all else fails use disposable sole inserts.
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