The Loake Chatterley and Loake Godiva ankle boots from Loake shoes.

Loake have introduced two women’s ankle boots which have proved an extraordinary success.  The Loake Godiver and Loake Chatterley are selling faster than they can be produced at Loake’s Kettering factory in Northants.  This is hardly surprising, here we have a really attractive brace of boots which are built for comfort and to last.

The Loake Chatterley in brown waxy leather.

R.E. Tricker do produce a small collection of women’s boots of the exceptional quality which you would expect from this shoemaker but I’m really not sure whether most women wish to spend in the region of £300 on a single pair of boots which may represent just one thirtieth of their shoe collection.  The Loake Chaterley and Godiver on the other hand at the £150 mark is spot on what most women do find that they are spending on fashionable brands these days.  However the Loake women’s boots leave these other fashion brands standing when it comes to quality and material components.  These boots are highly fashionable and are superbly comfortable.  Maybe the idea will catch on that women’s shoes and boots don’t have to be painful to wear after a few hours!
Three cheers for Loake shoes for their innovation on this front and let’s hope they continue to expand this collection as there is a huge market out there of women whose footwear demands in this area has been overlooked for too long.

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