The Loake Viv womens brogue

The brogue has become a fashion essential for women this summer and no one makes a women’s brogue to quite the same high quality as Loake of Northampton, England in the form of the Loake Viv.  Today’s brogue looks the height of fashion worn with midskirts, knee-length pleated skirts and even with a trouser suit as exhibited by Rita Ora recently.

The Loake Viv from Loake Shoemakers for women.

A brogue traditionally should have decorative perforations all over its apron and along its seam edges.  Remarkably although a very ancient style of shoe and whose name originates from the Scottish word ‘brog’ the Loake Brogue in the form of the Loake Viv will make any outfit look modern.  Rarely has Victoria Beckham looked more modern than when she donned a pair of two-tone Saint Laurent brogues with black trousers at the launch of her womenswear collection in New York recently.  The outfit made her look at ease for once.  Flats certainly do this for a woman.  Who looks more relaxed and cooler at a party: the one in flats or the one wincing in heels?

There are other alternative brogues on the market: Grenson do a classic pair for £185 whilst Marni do one with a metallic gold toe for £390.  Saint Laurent do a popular brogue in black and white two-tone at £695.  But for simplistic elegance and absolute quality have a look at the Loake Viv in either burgundy or tan calf for £185 at

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