There are five collections available from Loake shoes.

There are five superb collections of Loake shoes, each with its own characteristics.  The ultimate in terms of quality and, needless to say price, is the Loake 1880 range.  This collection has proved so popular, both within the UK market and internationally, that over the last 5 years it has increased to a staggering array of 46 different styles.  And extraordinarily these are invariably available in two or more leather options.
Loake’s designers just keep coming up with one exciting new style after another and their success is largely due to their ability to read the market’s demand.  But it is Loake’s relentless attention to quality and competitive pricing which sets these shoes and boots apart from other shoe manufacturers.  England remains the market leader in worldwide production of premium quality men’s shoes but only Loake manage to make a highly desirable product at an affordable price for the average wallet. Of course at a retail price in excess of £200 Loake 1880 shoes are by no means cheap but with these shoes you are buying a product which really will last for many years if cared for and will remain superbly comfortable and continue to look sublime.

Loake Cornwall in mahogany burnished calf from the Loake 1880 collection.

It remains a mystery at Bradshaw & Lloyd why some men are prepared to fork out £100+ on shoes which are poorly made and will invariably lead to hot and smelly feet when instead they can have a pair of fine Loake shoes which speak volumes in terms of taste and style and just feel great.

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