How to minimize perspiration and odour in Trickers shoes

If you do suffer from hot, moist feet there are ways to minimize the detrimental effects of perspiration on your shoes:

1     When not being worn shoes should be allowed to air in a well ventilated room but never near a heat source.  Newspaper can be stuffed inside the shoes for a few hours after removal to help extract perspiration moisture.  The newspaper will also help retain the shoe’s shape.  Once the Tricker’s shoes have dried naturally overnight in this way then insert cedarwood shoe trees into the shoes to help maintain the shoes’ shape.  The cedar will transfer its pleasant aromas into the shoe linings.
2    Ensure your shoes have highly absorbent and vapour permeable linings such as leather.  Linings are important as they can limit or delay the negative effect of perspiration.
3    Change socks frequently and if possible change your shoes during the course of the day, or at the very least from one day to the next.
4    Do bathe your feet regularly.  In hot weather two or three times a day may be necessary.
5    Loose insocks, readily available in the high street, inserted into the shoes will absorb perspiration.  These can be used for days or even weeks at a time, depending upon the level of perspiration, before they require replacement with a new pair.
6    Antiseptic shoe and foot preparations available from the chemist may prove beneficial.  These can discourage odours and also bacterial attack on fabric linings.
7    Choose Tricker’s shoes that fit correctly and are not too warm for the time of year.

Due to the quality of their components and methods of construction Trickers shoes are designed to last longer than almost any other brand of shoe on the market.  Follow these tips and your Tricker’s shoes will continue to perform for an incredibly long time.

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