Outside London Repairs

Our UK-wide mens shoe repair service includes secure returns via courier for just £60 (per pair) for a standard re-sole and re-heel. Our skilled cobbler will expertly repair them using the best materials and traditional methods.

The following men's repair prices per pair are inclusive of VAT and our courier return service:

½ leather stitched sole & rubber heel £60.00
½ rubber stitched sole & rubber heel £60.00
½ leather stitched sole £44.00
½ rubber stitched sole £44.00
Stick-on rubber sole £27.00
Rubber heel £16.00
Rubber heel with quarter iron £18.50
Leather heel with quarter rubber £18.50
Re-line heel upper £15.00
Steel toes tip £5.00

You are responsible for the cost of sending us your shoes but for an additional £5.50 we can email you a courier label so the parcel may be dropped off at a convenient local DPD collection point and sent securely. 

Your shoes will usually be returned within approximately 10 days of receipt.

We are unable to quote for women's shoe repairs due to their diverse methods of manufacture.

If you would like further information please contact repairs@bradshawandlloyd.com