Outside London Repairs

Our UK-wide mens shoe repair service includes secure returns postage for just £58 (per pair) for a standard re-sole and re-heel. Our skilled cobbler will expertly repair them using the best materials and traditional methods.

If you would like us to attend to your shoes please email repairs@bradshawandlloyd.com or telephone 01273-567575 for further details. 

The following men's repair prices per pair are inclusive of the courier return service and VAT:

½ leather stitched sole & rubber heel £58.00
½ rubber stitched sole & rubber heel £58.00
½ leather stitched sole £42.00
½ rubber stitched sole £42.00
Stick-on rubber sole £27.00
Rubber heel £16.00
Rubber heel with quarter iron £18.50
Leather heel with quarter rubber £18.50
Re-line heel upper £15.00
Steel toes tip £5.00


Your shoes will usually be returned within 10 days of receipt.

We are unable to quote for women's shoe repairs due to their diverse methods of manufacture.