Shoe care kit

Either from our shop in Hurstpierpoint high street or from our online store at you can obtain our unique travel shoe care kit. This kit comprises two superior quality horsehair brushes, one for applying polish and one for polishing. Also included are two tins of famous Kiwi wax polish, black and neutral + a shoe horn and polishing cloth. The leather zip-up bag itself is so nice we could sell it in its own right.
Cleaning and polishing your shoes should be a pleasurable experience so we think it only right that the quality of your shoe cleaning materials should match the quality of your footwear. With the Bradshaw & Lloyd shoe care kit you can be sure to have the right equipment near at hand to keep them in tip top condition. As an added incentive to source your shoes from Bradshaw & Lloyd we will include one of these shoe care kits for free with each pair of English made shoes – whatever the brand.