What is Goodyear Welting?

The Goodyear Welted Shoe Construction is a high quality shoemaking process which was originated many centuries ago. The process involves stitching the welt (strip of leather) to the upper and inner sole.

Christian Dancel, a German immigrant to America, invented a machine which could carry out this process.

In 1864 Charles Goodyear Jr, son of Charles Goodyear - the discoverer of vulcanized rubber bought the rights to this process and employed Dancel as superintendent of his factory. It eventually came to England in the 1870’s.

Nowadays due to this methods undeniable qualities, durability, comfort, shape retention, flexibility, insulation and easy repair it is still considered as the “work of art” in the shoe construction.

Only the best shoemakers in the world offer goodyear welted footwear. These include: Sanders shoes, Loake shoes and Tricker Shoes. Most of the shoes offered at www.bradshawandlloyd.com are made this way. Just look for 'goodyear welted construction' in the description of any shoe on the site.

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