Care of suede shoes

Many of our customers ask how to care for their nubuck and suede shoes properly.  In fact it is rather simpler than caring for leather shoes since a regular application of a wax or cream polish is unnecessary.  However many of the same rules do apply and nubuck and suede shoes should be treated as follows:

Shoe trees will help maintain the shoes in shape and, if they are good absorbent ones made of cedar wood, will also help extract moistrure from the linings.

Should the shoes get muddy then let them dry naturally, well away from intense sources of heat such as radiators.  Once dry use a soft suede brush, ideally rubber, to brush away the now dry dirt.Euroleathers suede rubber brush

The biggest risk for nubuck and suede shoes is oily liquids which can soak into the uppers. There are various spray protectors on the market but the one that stands way above the competition is Carbon Pro from Collonil.  These 300ml sprays offer superb, long lasting protection against wetness and dirt.  Once applied a breathable, resistant net-like structure of polymer chains will act as a barrier so that liquid drops will simply roll off the surface.

A regular gentle brushing with a rubber suede brush will help lift the pile of the nubuck or suede shoes and keep them looking their best. Carbon Pro is available at