Free shoe accessory with Loake shoes.

We uniquely offer a free shoe accessory with all Loake, Sanders, NewtRider, Barker and Tricker shoes and boots handcrafted in England.  The shoe cleaning kit comes in a roomy fine leather zipped pouch and can take a considerable number of items of shoe care.  As supplied it comes with a couple of tins of wax polish, a shoe cleaning cloth, a horsehair polishing brush, horsehair applicator brush and Bradshaw & Lloyd branded shoe horn.  The kit retails at £33.SHOECARE KIT - Euroleathers

As an alternative to the free shoe accessory kit we offer a free pair of cedar wood shoe trees to fit the shoes they accompany.  These normally retail at £30.  Absorbent shoe trees not only retain the shape of your shoes but crucially absorb the perspiration from your shoe linings which can otherwise accumulate.  A warm, moist atmosphere inside your shoes is something which bacteria adores so something to be avoided. SHOE TREES Classic cedar - Euroleather

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