How to care for your Sanders, Trickers and Loakes shoes.

Although shoe leather is no longer living and breathing it is nonetheless a natural material composed of natural compounds which will greatly benefit from good shoe care.
Up to 10% of the weight of the leather in Sanders, Trickers and Loakes shoes is from the oils and fats which the tannery has used to penetrate the leather. Failure to regularly replenish these with regular waxing and polishing can greatly shorten a shoe’s life. It is essential to use this as a preventative measure as once the leather has started to crack it is then impossible restore it. Once the leather starts to show signs of cracking it is a sure sign that the tanning agents have begun to break down or leached out of the leather.Without these the fibres have no protection and so the leather loses its strength.
Shoes lead a pretty arduous existence and have to deal with the sun’s rays, water and salty sweat along with general wear and tear. Salt in sweat and from the roads can rot leather and when the leather is damp grime and dirt will attach itself. So regular cleaning and feeding of leather footwear is essential. We recommend the English brand of Cherry Blossom premium wax shoe polish to care for your Sanders, Trickers and Loakes shoes. For black shoes it’s easy but for other colours be sure to use the closest polish to the colour of the shoes. Fortunately Cherry Blossom offer an extensive range of colours. If in doubt test a small out of sight area or use the neutral polish.

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