How to maintain Loakes shoes

Shoe care:
In order to maintain your Sanders Trickers, Sebago and Loakes shoes to the highest possible standard here are a few guidelines:

Regular cleaning and polishing of your Loakes shoes is essential.

1 It is not the shining of shoes which is important so much as the conditioning of the leather, whilst the polishing provides protection. The very finest leathers in the world will break down without a little tender loving care now and again.
2 A minimum of 5 minutes shoe shining is necessary on a weekly basis. However if you can alternate more pairs of shoes then the less each pair will need attention.
3 To keep the leather well moisturized use a mink oil renovating product from time to time, but no more than once a fortnight. This will truly reach into the fibres of the leather and prevent them from becoming brittle. This is the single product which will prevent your Trickers, Sanders, Sebago and Loakes shoes from drying up and cracking prematurely.
4 Absorbant wood shoe trees will absorb moisture from the linings. Sweat is truly corrosive if left unchecked. Ideally you should have a pair of trees per pair of shoes but as a minimum put trees in the pair you have just taken off.
5 It’s best to use both a cream polish and a wax polish. The cream polish will penetrate better whilst a wax polish will better protect the surface of the leather.
6 The general rule is little and often for any of the above shoe care products rather than over use.
7 Use an applicator brush to reach into the crevices between the upper leather and the sole.
These simple guidelines will keep your Sebago, Sanders, Tricker’s and Loakes shoes in tip top condition and ensure a long life.

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