Loake boots

At Bradshaw & Lloyd we love the huge range of beautifully designed and constructed Loake boots coming out of the Loake Kettering factory. These are the boots which you will find in the 1880 and Shoemakers collections.  From our point of view they tick all the box requirements we look for in a quality English boot.

Fundamentally they are made in England which suits the heritage requirements of genuine Northamptonshire footwear. The lasts on which the boots are made are truly stylish and meet the more fashionable requirements of 21st century men.  Most importantly when sending these boots all around the world they are true to size. This means that if you are usually a UK size 9 for example in English made footwear then you should be fairly confident that a size 9 in these Loake boots should fit you just as well.

One crucial feature that all these Loake boots have in common is that they are traditionally Goodyear welted. This is not the place to go into details as to what a Goodyear welted constructed boot is but let’s just say it’s universally recognized as the very best method of construction.  It allows the best fit, comfort and longevity.

We offer the full range of Loake boots from the 1880 and Shoemakers collections so do visit our website or the factory's to view the entire range.