Loake shoe repairs


It’s not easy finding a good shoe repairer at the best of times and COVID-19 certainly hasn’t helped. But whilst we may be using less shoe leather than in normal times your to do list may still have ‘Loake shoe repairs’ unaddressed. Ironically there couldn’t be a better time than now to go through the wardrobe and investigate just how many of your shoes could do with some tlc. That way they can be itching to get back into service just as soon as they are allowed out again.


Fortunately we are here to help as the B&L shoe repair service is running as normal. We pride ourselves in offering an unparalleled shoe repair service in terms of craftsmanship, quality of materials and speed of turnaround. Where else will you find a re-sole and re-heel in oak bark leather for £58 including a free courier service throughout mainland UK.


Simply send an email to repairs@bradshawandlloyd.com stating your name, address and phone number and we shall forward you further details of our shoe repair service. You ought to receive your Loake shoe repairs back within 10 days of despatching them to us.

Repairing a pair of Goodyear welted Loakes shoes.