Maintaining you Trickers, Sanders and Loake shoes

Repairing your Sanders, Trickers and Loake shoes:

It’s wise to get the soles and heels of your shoes repaired before they wear too thin. Ideally a neat little tell-tale hole will appear in the centre of your soles which is the signal to visit the cobbler – before you start getting wet socks. However if you do walk a little off centre then wear may be concentrated on the outside edges of your soles.

All traditional Goodyear welted shoes, in which Tricker, Sanders and Loake shoes specialize, have a leather welt which runs around the outside of their shoes and boots between the upper leather and the sole. It is into this inch wide strip of leather to which the sole is stitched. If excessive wear occurs on the outside edges of the sole and wear starts to ingress into the welt itself then the subsequent repair may prove rather more expensive. This is because either the entire welt may require replacement or significant sections of it. This normally requires hand stitching which many cobblers these days are reluctant or insufficiently trained to do. So do keep an eye on how your soles and heels are wearing and if the soles are getting very thin then do get them repaired before damage to the welt occurs.

However one advantage of having your Trickers, Sanders and Loake shoes repaired by Bradshaw & Lloyd is that we won’t charge you any extra if sections of your welt do require replacement. Our price of £50 includes a half leather stitched rubber or leather sole and heel replacement and returns carriage. If you happen to work in central London then this price also includes collection from your office by courier. Email for further information of our repair service.

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