Outline drawings of your feet to determine your size in Loake shoes.

If you aren’t sure of your shoe size then you can either email or post us outline drawings of your feet.  Most English shoe brands are very consistent in their sizing so if you are a UK size 9 in a pair of Grenson shoes then you are best sticking to a UK size 9 in Trickers, Sanders and Loake shoes.  Although not an English made shoe Sebago shoes also come up spot-on a true UK size.  The one exception are a number of Tricker’s shoes which are made on a last which does come up a half a size large.  However we shall take this into account when supplying any Tricker’s shoes or boots you order.   Here we shall look at how to draw around your stockinged feet to produce accurate drawings:
For the best results do wear the kind of socks which you are likely to wear with the shoes you are planning on purchasing.  A very thick woollen sock can make a difference between a medium F width fitting and a wide G fitting.
Stand upright with one foot on a sheet of A4 paper.  If you are a size 13+ and your foot won’t fit on a sheet of A4 we won’t be able to assess your shoe size.  My apologies for being sizist!  Ask a friend to draw around your foot with a standard sized pencil whilst keeping the pencil vertical.  People are sometimes concerned that the width of the pencil shaft will effect the accuracy of their drawings, but don’t worry, our drawings which we use to compare with your outlines are produced in exactly the same way and so allow for a standard pencil.

If you're not sure of your shoe size in Sanders, Tricker's, Sebago or Loake shoes you can send us outline drawings of your feet.

Then repeat the process for your other foot and send us your drawings.  We shall report back to you with the best size in our shoes for your feet within 24hours.
Send your drawings to sales@bradshawandlloyd.com and whether you are planning to purchase Sanders, Tricker’s, Sebago or Loake shoes we shall advise the most appropriate size from your drawings.  Alternatively do post your drawings to:
Sales Dept, Bradshaw & Lloyd, 84 North End, Ditchling, East Sussex BN6 8TG.

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