Repairing Loakes shoes

Loake provide a fine shoe repair service however you can lose your shoes for some weeks whilst the shoes move through the factory. Also Loake are only tooled up to offer what is known as a long sole repair. This is where the entire sole unit is replaced. This looks nice but is rather wasteful since you are replacing sole leather which never wears. It’s therefore rather more environmentally friendly, and also rather less invasive to the shoes, to perform a half sole repair. This is the repair whereby only the leather which hits the ground is replaced.

The Bradshaw & Lloyd shoe repair service:

We will perform a half leather sole and re-heel repair using the very best oak bark leather soles for just £60 per pair. This is acknowledged in the industry as the hardest wearing type of sole leather. It’s tanned using the very traditional technique of steeping the leather in a natural oak bark stew and allowing the leather to take up the tannins over a very long period. This method of tanning is expensive but provides the most durable type of sole leather. Our prices includes our free UK nationwide courier collection and return service.

Turnaround of repairs:

We will usually return the repaired shoes to you within 7 working days of receipt. For further details of the Bradshaw & Lloyd shoe repair service along with our full price list please email

Have your Loake shoes repaired by a competent professional.