Sebago Docksides

At Bradshaw & Lloyd we have been proudly offering Sebago Docksides for 25 years for the simple reasons that they are beautifully made and are designed to last.   Loyal Sebago customers will wear their beloved Docksides and Spinnakers for as long as possible, they just seem to improve with age.  To help your shoes go the distance we will include a free Sebago rawhide lacing kit, worth £5.62, with each new order for Sebago Docksides and Spinnakers.  Just send an email to me at quoting offer code ‘SEBLACE764’ once you have placed your online order and the appropriate laces will be included with your order.

Replacement laces for Sebago Docksides

The 46” laces used in Sebago shoes are made from premium grade rawhide for maximum wear and durability and are made specifically for Sebago Dockside and Spinnaker shoes.  When replacing your laces taper the end of the lace to a point and screw it clockwise into the threaded hollow end of the needle.  Then follow the original lacing pattern around the upper leather.  When you reach the heel upper flatten out the leather to facilitate the passing of the needle.

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