Shoe care

With wintry weather on the horizon now is the time to consider shoe care and how to maintain one’s leather shoes and boots in worsening weather:

It is always important to alternate your footwear in order for them to recover but this is especially important in wet weather as dry leather soles wear better.

Try not to leave your footwear in the sun as they will fade.  Leather likes to be kept cool and well ventilated.

Absorbent shoe trees are terrifically important in extracting moisture from the linings and also maintain the shoes in good shape.

When your shoes get wet allow them to dry out naturally.  If they have become saturated newspaper is very good at extracting water if stuffed loosely inside.  Never force dry leather shoes with artificial heat such as on a radiator.  This will severely damage the leather fibres and lead to cracking if the linings and uppers.

Mud is best left to dry and then can be brushed off and any stubborn marks can be removed with a warm damp soapy cloth.

Salt stains can be an issue in winter especially as councils like to spray salt on our roads.  A diluted solution of vinegar or lemon juice is excellent at removing these marks.  Apply with a cloth and rub gently.

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