Shoe care - shoe trees

To help maintain your Loake, Barker, Trickers, Sanders and Bradshaw & Lloyd footwear in tip top condition we include a free pair of cedar wood shoe trees with most styles.  Trees are important as they not only help maintain the shape of the shoe or boot but cedar wood trees in particular will absorb moisture from the linings overnight.  This is very important as damp leather wears through much quicker than leather which has dried out well.SHOE TREES Classic cedar - Euroleather

Try to get into the habit of inserting the trees into the shoes the moment that you take them off.  However if the shoes have become saturated in a heavy downfall then initially stuff some newspaper inside the shoes. This will absorb the excess of water before inserting the trees.  Never place leather shoes near a heat source such as a radiator as this can do irreparable damage to the leather’s fibres.  Leather likes to dry out slowly and at room temperature.