Shoe repairs

It’s all very well buying a good pair of shoes but it’s no good if you haven’t got a good cobbler to repair them. It’s a different matter with most modern types of footwear as they just aren’t designed to be repaired. But a good pair of goodyear welted all leather shoes are worth repairing. There is no getting away from the fact that a well-made pair of shoes not only feel great on your feet but really do look impressive. The purpose of this traditional goodyear welted construction is that a new sole can be stitched onto the welt without tampering with the upper leather. Sadly there are an awful lot of shoe repairers who will gladly re-sole your shoes but can do them immense harm if they do not do it properly. Our cobbler will repair your shoes to the highest possible standard. He has almost 30 year experience in repairing traditional English shoes and I can honestly say that in the 20 years in which he has been repairing Bradshaw and Lloyd shoes we have never had a complaint. Using the right technique is one thing but that is negated if the very best sole leather isn’t used. We only use a very tight grained sole leather for our repairs which makes the sole hardwearing and water repellent. We charge only £39.00 for a half sole and re-heel repair which is remarkably good value when you consider that the price includes collection from and return to your office. The repairs are normally returned to you within 7 working days. Were you to return the shoes to the manufacturer you might have to wait 3 weeks+ for them to come back. This isn’t much use if you are only alternating a couple of pairs. Soles which aren’t given the opportunity to dry out thoroughly between outings can wear much faster than dry soles. People are increasingly buying rubber soled goodyear welted shoes. Personally I am a huge convert to these. So long as the shoes have a good thick leather insole your feet will be able to breathe properly and the sole will mould nicely to the shape of your foot. Dainite soles with the studs of rubber are very popular withal English shoemakers these days. We can repair these soles with genuine Dainite rubber replacement soles for the same price of £39.00, which includes collection from and return to your office of course. We do repair all Sebago shoes with a leather sole, if they have a rubber sole they can also be re-soled but we leave that to a Sebago specialist repairer who keeps stock of the innumerable soles which Sebago use. Contact Wayne at The Shoe Repair Centre on 02380 446154 Now we don’t limit ourselves to repairing the shoes we sell. if you have any other traditionally made leather shoes then please include them in your repairs. We will repair them to the same exacting standards. For further info. on getting your shoes repaired please email or phone Richard on 01273-841946. Do have a look at the repair section at which lists all the repair options.

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