Loake shoe collections

Loake offer shoes from 6 distinct collections and this requires some clarification. Alongside their English made Goodyear welted footwear they also now design and produce a range of shoes in their own factory outside the UK, using a variety of constructions. This enables them to offer a complete wardrobe of shoes suitable for every occasion. The different logos alongside all Loake shoes on the Bradshaw & Lloyd website differentiate between the collections as follows: Loake 1880This is Loake’s premium collection. No detail is compromised in this range of footwear, made using techniques that can be traced back to when Loake first started in 1880. Loake use the very best hand-burnished calf leather, as well as their own leather-built heels, leather linings and insoles. Evolution Loake Evolution combines the classic styling and traditional manufacturing methods for which Loake is renowned with the instant wearability of modern footwear. All of the shoes in this range are made in the Northamptonshire factory using premium hand burnished calf leathers and are fully leather lined for extra comfort. Loake ShoemakersA comprehensive collection of handsome, comfortable footwear, including some new variations of traditional Loake designs alongside some of the best-selling classics. All made in the Northamptonshire factory. Design LoakeDesign Loake is for those who want a combination of contemporary design and traditional Loake craftsmanship. L1This is Loake’s value range, made in their overseas factory. Traditional craftsmanship and classic styling in a comprehensive range of Loake essentials. There are no rules broken here, quite simply, Loake aims to offer timeless designs that don't compromise quality, performance or good looks. Loake LifestyleLoake Lifestyle offers a more relaxed alternative to their classic Goodyear welted footwear. These non-welted constructions complement the traditional ranges, enabling Loake to offer a complete wardrobe of shoes for every occasion.

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