Shoe trees

Shoe trees are inserted into shoes to help maintain the original shoe shape, help prevent creases and cracking, and absorb moisture from the lining of the shoes. Available for men's and women's shoes, a shoe tree usually adjusts to cover a wide range of shoe sizes.

Types of Shoe Trees Available:
Shoe trees are available in plastic or wood (usually cedar). The main benefits to plastic shoe trees is that they are less expensive, and they are lightweight, making them good for travel. However, even though they are more expensive, cedar shoe trees have several advantages over plastic. They tend to last longer; add a clean cedar scent to footwear; and work better at keeping the natural shape. Cedar shoe trees also absorb moisture, whereas plastic shoe trees will not.

If used from the start, shoe trees can slow, or even prevent your shoes from developing creases, making them particularly useful for dress shoes.

If shoes are not worn for long periods of time, they actually shrink, using a shoe tree in these shoes will help to prevent shrinkage.

Shoe Trees Help Prevent Moisture Buildup
Feet perspire, and that moisture accumulates in the lining of our shoes. Wooden shoe trees also have the additional benefit of absorbing moisture, making the shoes more comfortable to wear. This function is crucial as it is the perspiration from feet which can cause the lining to degrade and then the upper leather itself.

Additional Benefits of Shoe Trees
Shoe trees are also useful when polishing or buffing. By inserting a shoe tree into the shoe you're working on, the shoe will be held in shape, and caring for them will be easier.

Shoe Trees vs. Shoe Stretchers
Shoe trees can marginally stretch shoes, but usually only very slightly. This will work for shoes that are just a touch too tight. If you're looking to stretch shoes, a better product to use would be a shoe stretcher.

Various brands of shoe tree are available in the high street and online. Trickers shoes, Loake shoes, Sanders shoes and Sebago shoes all offer their own branded cedarwood trees. At we offer Loakes' cedarwood trees which are excellent value for money.

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