The annual Loakes factory summer holiday.

The Northamptonshire shoe industry has a traditional two week summer break at the end of July and Sanders shoes, Trickers shoes and Loakes shoes are no exception.  A factory production line is rather like a mechanical clock mechanism and it wouldn’t work if the very skilled workers were to pick and choose when they take their holiday.  Such has been the case since the nineteenth century in shoe manufacturing where craftsmen specialize and become experts in a particular procedure.

At Bradshaw & Lloyd we keep substantial stocks of the shoes we offer on line however please bear with us if there is a slight delay at this time of years in despatching your Trickers, Sanders or Loakes order.  We will of course notify you immediately on receipt of your order should there be any delay in you receiving your shoes.

The Loakes, Trickers and Sanders shoe factories will be back up and running to full capacity again on Monday 10th August.

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