The Bradshaw & Lloyd collection of Sanders and Trickers shoes

At Bradshaw & Lloyd we offer the full range of shoes from Loake, Sanders Sebago and Trickers shoes but it would be useful for some to know a little more about our own brand, the  Bradshaw & Lloyd collection.  We are a retailer of premium quality shoes and not a manufacturer of shoes so actually who makes our Grosvenor and Benchmade collections and why are they such a good buy?
We have offered the Grosvenor and Benchmade collections since Bradshaw & Lloyd was established by Richard de Winter in 1990 and since then the same two English shoe makers have been making this range for us:
Sanders and Sanders of Rushden, Northamptonshire make our Grosvenor collection to the very same exacting standard of their Ambassador collection.  The shoes are very much hand made from calf leathers entirely in their Rushden factory.  These shoes are beautifully crafted with full leather linings, thick leather insoles and of course goodyear welted soles.  But the very attractive feature is that with our brand name inside these shoes are considerably cheaper than their Sanders’s branded counterpart on the high street.
The same concept applies to our Benchmade collection.  Some of you may baulk at the price of £275 for these shoes but perhaps you will reconsider your initial shock when you realize that these are the same RE Tricker 1829 collection which retail in the high street for £340.  These shoes are about as good as shoes get, only the absolute finest quality materials are used in their making.  These are the shoes you might buy for your wedding and then realize that you are still wearing 30 years later, having re-soled them a fair few times.  But when you do take them to your cobbler he will be sure to say something along the lines of: “now these shoes are worth repairing”.  They are so well made and become so comfortable that do become treasured possessions and however old they are they will always make you look and feel rather special.
Do go to and view the full range of shoes from the Bradshaw & Lloyd collection as well as all the latest exciting styles from Loake, Sanders Sebago and Trickers shoes.

The Bradshaw & Lloyd Mayfair from Trickers shoes The Bradshaw & Lloyd Mayfair is made by Trickers shoes
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