Loake Chatterley boot

The Loake Chatterley boot for women

Without doubt our most popular women’s boot is the Loake Chatterley. This boot has been around for some twenty years but some designs such as this become a classic and shouldn’t be altered.

Why we like the Chatterley

As you would expect from a boot coming out of Loake’s factory in Kettering this boot is traditionally goodyear welted. This means that it is made to the very same specification as its male counterpart, the Chatsworth. The crux of a goodyear welted boot is that it: offers support for the foot, will mould nicely to the wearer’s shape and can be repaired numerous times. Above all Loake do not scrimp on the quality of materials and the Loake Chatterley is made with fine quality leathers and without any synthetic materials. A foot must be allowed to breather and to this end leather beats all others alternatives in boot and shoe construction.


The Loake Chatterley is presently available in an extensive array of upper options. There are two leather options and four suede options. All these have a stud rubber sole which allows very long lasting wear and excellent grip. We are pleased to offer our customer at BradshawandLloyd.com all six versions of this stunning boot.